Old Manufacturer workshop manuals & data sheets, some 36-48

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Old Manufacturer workshop manuals & data sheets, some 36-48

Post by djwilliams100 » Mon May 20, 2013 10:05 pm

I don’t know if these are of interest to anyone but I acquired many years ago old workshop manuals & handbooks when an elderly neighbour I was friendly with died. His widow asked me to clear the garage and keep what I wanted. He was a Welshman who had a garage in The Arches in east end of London from late 40’s until retiring back to Wales and kept these. I am having a clearout so have put on eBay.

Original British Leyland Jaguar Series 3 V.12 E Type Repair Operation Manual 1971 eBay Item number 390597222191

Triumph 2000 & 2.5pi Owners Workshop Manual By J L S Maclay (Haynes) 1963-1969 eBay Item number: 390597222188

Rootes Original Humber Super Snipe Workshop Manual & Super Snipe Owners Handbook eBay Item number:390597222195

Rootes Original New Humber Imperial 1965 Owners Handbook & Service Book eBay Item number: 230982499119

Original Factory BMC Riley Hornet & Elf Workshop Manual 1965 (1961-1964 Cars) eBay Item number: 390597222196

The Modern Diesel 7th Edition (Revised 1942) By Iliffe & Sons Ltd
eBay Item number: 390597222199

By George Newnes Ltd Motor Repair & Overhauling Volumes 2, 3 & 4 + an accompanying book holder with 45 pull out separate data sheets for models including MG midget TB, TA, TB, TC - Alvis & Delage – Armstrong Siddeley & Lancia – Austin 7 & 8 – Ford 8 – Humber & Jaguar – Hudson, Terraplane & Hotchkiss – Lagonda – Lanchester & Lea Francis – Morris 8 & 10 etc etc (all dated 1936 to 1948) with 6 on commercial vehicles of same age.
eBay Item number: 230982499227

Original British Leyland Laird & Fj Workshop Manual & Drivers Handbook 1970 eBay Item number: 390597222238

Ford Official Transit Workshop Manual Dated 1970
eBay Item number:230982499112

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